A Weekend Vacation in Scotland


Scotland is known for its rich history and culture. In fact, it is the home of Queen Mary of Scot who died in a tragic death after his first cousin Queen Catherine ordered for his execution some centuries ago.

Throughout the years, Scotland has become a peaceful country with ancient castles and scenic routes that will take to the country’s most inspiring landscapes and various attractions. If you want to see how beautiful this country is, the best way to do it is to get behind the wheel. In this article, we have compiled the most scenic routes you can stroll in Scotland.


Snow Roads is a sprawling 90 miles of snow-capped mountain summits. You can drive by this route and see for yourself the most scenic view of the Scottish mountains imaginable. Hop in your car, bring your friends, and start an extraordinary adventure.


Do you enjoy solitude? If the answer is yes, then you will find driving through Southwest Coastal a pleasure. It boasts 300 miles of quiet roads through the fantastic countryside of Dumfries and Galloway. Drive slowly, enjoy the view, and make it to the Mull of Galloway before sunset to enjoy its view.          


The only issue with your Scotland road trip is you’ll have to stop every 5 minutes to take beautiful photos. It is no surprise that North Coast will have your jaw dropping throughout the entire trip with dramatic and untouched wilderness side by side. It can be quite sinister to be just alone throughout the long and winding road but bringing some friends with you will take the trip to a whole new level.


Now, let’s go to something romantic. Just north of Glasgow, the Argyll Coastal Route is rather a dreamy route with view of tranquil bays on the other side. If you’re travelling with your significant other, this is the perfect place to have a date.


This beautiful countryside will have you loving Scotland forever. You can take this route if you are heading to Edinburgh giving a great view of ruined abbeys, castles, and country houses. If you have more time, you can even swing by Abbotsford where you can see authentic tartan and tweed.

Scotland will never cease to impress you with its beauty. You will come to embrace its culture when you visit this country and probably forget about going home. Nevertheless, it is always great to prepare and bring some extra cash should you decide to extend.


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